Sunday, January 29, 2006

#1 Two Years in a Row

So where is the best Bed & Breakfast? That's a matter of opinion and everyone has different tastes and expectations when it comes to Bed & Breakfasts, so it would be pretty hard to pick just one. However, The Woolverton Inn has been selected #1 overall Bed & Breakfast for two years in a row by

Located in Stockton, New Jersey, The Woolverton Inn has 13-rooms and sits on 300 acres of secluded farmland and beautiful forests. It is just above the Delaware River and is only minutes from New Hope, Pennsylvania.

All of their rooms feature full country breakfast, afternoon refreshments and sweets, fresh flowers, featherbeds, central air-conditioning and much more!

Visit the Woolverton Inn website and check out what they have to offer.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Special Offers on Bed & Breakfasts

Are you looking for a special money saving offer for your next Bed & Breakfast experience? Here's a great link: BnB Finder Specials . Simply type in the kind of special offer you are searching for and the state and this search tool will give you a list to select from.

How about a "Murder Mystery" weekend? There are many Bed & Breakfasts that offer these.

Maybe you would like to stay in a Haunted Bed & Breakfast ? Well there is a list of those as well.

If you have had a great Bed & Breakfast experience, please share it here. Go ahead and leave a comment.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Bed and Breakfasts Links

Just a quick post to tell you about some other Bed and Breakfast sites you may find interesting.

Here is a link to
bnbonline , this is a great website and they have a list of Bed and Breakfasts that are offering specials for Valentine's Day. You can select a state and view all the special packages.

OK...I know there are a lot of readers from the UK so here is a link for you. Bed and Breakfasts - UK . This site has a clickable map that you can search.

Here's one that includes the US and Canada. Better Bed and Breakfasts.

If any of you have had a great Bed and Breakfast experience please share it with us here by leaving a comment.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Romantic Valentine's Day Get- Away

Here's a GREAT idea if you can't think of a gift for Valentine's Day. Plan a romantic get-away to a cozy Bed and Breakfast. The good news is Valentine's Day is on a Tuesday this year; that means there will be less traffic as you drive and you may even get a bargain on the rates because it's not a weekend.

Many Bed & Breakfasts will offer special Valentine's Day packages which may include flowers and candy in the room or dinner for two at a local restaurant. Check with the Innkeeper and ask about specials; if they don't offer flowers and candy they will probably be happy to arrange it for you. Most Innkeepers I have met were all very helpful and happy to go the extra mile for their guests.


In order to have the full need to plan this on your own and keep it a complete surprise until you arrive at your destination!

Also remember, most Bed & Breakfasts require a two-night stay for the best rates, so plan on taking a day or two off from work.

Remember, this is a ROMANTIC leave your laptop at home and turn off your pager and cell phone. It's all about romance.

Try to arrange to do something completely new on this trip. Perhaps horseback riding, or a relaxing day at the spa together. Again, the Innkeeper should be able to suggest some things like this in the area.

Here is a Worldwide Directory of Bed & Breakfasts.

Enjoy your Valentine's Day; and if use this idea, be sure to come back and comment about it here.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Kitchen Fun with Donna & Friends

This may seem a little off topic for a Bed & Breakfast blog, but not really. Food goes hand in hand with Bed & Breakfasts and many B & Bs are know for their food and have their own cook books.

Here at Blog Explosion, we have a great feature where we can rent space on our blog for a week in return for credits.

This week I have a tenant that you simply must visit; Kitchen Fun with Donna & Friends. This is absolutely the sharpest design I have seen yet for a blog and it is full of wonderful recipes. Be sure to stop by and tell them that Mike sent you from Bed & Breakfast Experiences.

While you are there check out their recipes, I'm sure you can find something that you will want to try out. I saw a Coconut Cream Pie recipe there that I am dying to sample.

Click on the screen shot of Kitchen Fun in my right hand margin to visit their site. You will be glad that you did!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Money Saving Tips

Here are some good tips for saving money on your Bed & Breakfast Experiences.

  1. Travel off-season : Go to the beach in the winter or a ski area in the summer. There are still many activities that you can enjoy and there will be no crowds and lower rates.
  2. Take advantage of special rates: Many Bed & Breakfasts offer special rates for midweek stays or multiple nights.
  3. Stay in a neighboring town: If you are going to a tourist attraction, don't stay in that town, look around in a neighboring town and the rates will be much less. It's worth making a short drive to save 10-50% on your Bed & Breakfast.
  4. Plan Ahead: Don't wait till the last minute to make reservations. Most Bed & Breakfasts only have a few rooms and stay fully booked.
  5. Do the opposite: Remember the city B&Bs will be busiest during the week with business travelers and the country B&Bs are busiest on the weekends. So to avoid the crowds, stay in the country during the week and the city on the weekend.
I hope you find these tips useful, please mention this blog to your friends and if you know of a great Bed & Breakfast that you would like to see featured here, leave a comment or send me an email.