Tuesday, March 03, 2009

What Makes A Bed & Breakfast So Special?

By Mark Hammond

Traditions hotels may be great for some travelers, but if you are looking for a quaint more rural kind of experience, a bed & breakfast options might be perfect for you. Because they include a more personable approach, bed & breakfast lodging is commonly available in smaller towns and rural areas.

What makes a bed & breakfast so special? Unlike a regular hotel, a bed & breakfast has less rooms and is usually run by a single person or family. Instead of a large building, a bed & breakfast usually is a large house with rooms converted for visitors or a smaller building with simple rooms. Your rooms have a more homey appeal as opposed to a regular hotel.

As the name implies, a bed & breakfast is not a place that you will lounge all day in most cases. It is simply a place to sleep and to eat in the morning. Check-in is usually during the late afternoon, and breakfast is served at a specific time. In most cases, breakfast is a real meal cooked especially for guests, not a continental breakfast. It depends on the particular bed & breakfast where you stay.

Most people stay at a bed & breakfast for a short time. There is not rule, however, that says you can’t spend your entire two-week vacation there. Some bed & breakfasts have great tours, games, poolside meet and greets, and other activities for guests to enjoy. Other bed & breakfasts have themed rooms.

No matter what bed & breakfast you choose, try to find one that fits your specific needs. For example, some do not accept families with children under a certain age. Others specifically have rooms only for single travelers. Still others have no handicapped lodging available. Bed & breakfast options are extremely varied, so hunt around until you find the perfect one for you vacation.

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